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                                      Aluminium Carbon Plant Systems

Anode Handling and Cleaning Systems

At the heart of every modern smelter carbon operation is the anode handling and cleaning system. This system ties together the Green Anode Plant, the Bake Furnace, the rodding shop and provides green and baked anode storage to buffer the different processing speeds of each of the carbon plant's processes. ADF ENGINEERING experience in the provision of these systems to the world's largest and most automated carbon plants makes us the ideal supply partner. These systems need to be rugged for the harsh environment and at the same time, need to manage the flow of anodes in such a way as to optimize the processing off all the key anode forming, baking and rodding operations. Our systems include the following state of the art equipment and systems:-
1. Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors
2. Upenders and down enders
3. Elevators
4. Baked anode separators (for the case where anodes get fused together during the baking process)
5. Anode Cleaning Machines c/w stub hole cleaning and machining
6. Dust and Packing coke collection and recovery including dilute phase and dense phase conveyance.
7. Core Drill (sampling) Stations for taking samples for quality verification
8. Anode inspection stations
9. Anode Storage and retrieval cranes
10. Anode Management systems including plant wide SCADA

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