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                                      Aluminium Cast House Systems

Sow Casting Systems

ADF ENGINEERING designs and builds a full range of sow casting systems from 5 to 40 tonne per hour in both air cooled versions. These systems can be very basic and used as a back-up to other more sophisticated casting machines or they can be fully automated with a marking and packing line and used as mission critical processing lines. Our systems include:-
1. Gantry style cranes for crucible transportation
2. Crucible tilter stations
3. Robotic or dedicated skimming stations
4. Sow mould train or turntable style
5. Sow moulds
6. Vacuum de-moulding/ sow extraction machines
7. Secondary water cooling
8. Sow weighing and marking stations
9. Sow stacking
10. Sow accumulation conveyors

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