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                                      Aluminium Cast House Systems

Extrusion Billet Sawing and Packaging Systems

Advanced Dynamics provides its customers with the world's most automated and productive aluminium extrusion billet sawing and packaging systems. These systems are tailored to suit customer production requirements and include:-
1. High speed and robust roller conveyors
2. High capacity accumulation conveyors
3. Smooth and quiet 90 degree pick and place transfer devices
4. High speed circular saws or band saws
5. Length gauge stops with integrated programmable pin marking systems
6. Automatic Billets stacking machines
7. Automatic Billet Strapping machines using steel or plastic strapping and having the capability to insert woodrunners
8.Package weighing
9. Saw chip collection
10. Saw chip briquetting
11. Ultrasonic Inspection Stations
12. Level 0 and 1 instrumentation and control systems with option Level 2 SCADA.

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